I’m alive

Let me just say that I am alive. I am making friends. I am learning my way around campus. I am *gasp* enjoying myself and once I stopped crying hysterically and threatening to drive back to Houston I decided that I might actually like this place. (Thank you by the way to all of my friends who listened to my hysterical teary eyed phone calls. I was homesick and y’all are amazing. You make me feel loved. Thank you :) ) I’m not completely sold on Cleveland yet but I have at least begun to realize that two years here might not be so bad.

I have more to say about Cleveland, my graduate program sponsored a tour of the city on Lolly the Trolley which was quiet enjoyable. I’ve found some new delicious restaurants, managed to break the permanent retainer that is glued to my bottom teeth –the same permanent retainer that my dentist supposedly fixed a week prior to me leaving Houston and my employer’s dental insurance behind– and met some incredible new people that I’m looking forward to being friends with.

For now though I’m hot, I’m tired and I would seriously like to recommend that my school look into a little something I like to call air conditioning.

Side note: I bought Hot Fuzz at Target today. I <love3 this movie. Love love love it. Like I want to watch it right now but I don’t know if I can keep my eyes open any longer love it.

Anyways over and out from Cleveland, sweet dreams and see you in the morning.


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