Hand Blown Glass

I’d love to learn how do something like this.


Book ’em Danno

Every time I pass one of these expectant mother parking spaces in the Kroger parking lot I want to park in them.

I never see anyone parking there and I wonder, who patrols these?  Is there a special secret police force that scans every person to check if they are in fact pregnant and qualify for the space? Do they sit in their unmarked police cars or masquerade as guys pushing carts and selling Houston Chronicle subscriptions when really they’re waiting for the first slip up and then BAM! here come the SWAT team, sirens and handcuffs as forty undercover cops jump out aiming their guns at me as their leader calmly annouces through a bull horn, “You ma’am are not in fact pregnant but pretending to be so you can park a little closer to the deli and not all the way across the parking lot so you have to walk in the blazing heat all of 2.5 seconds longer!”

Then he shakes his head wearily, jaded at my blatant disregard for the law and common courtesy as he leads me through the horrified, growing crowd of spectators, handcuffed and sobbing wildly at the thought of missing out on my sandwich, to his unmarked police car where Danno waits to book me.

That’s what I imagine would happen anyways, only they’d both sound very stentorian and grave  in a Perry Mason kind of way. Oh and Danno would be hot, let’s not forget that. :)

Sinh Sinh Restaurant, or yummy Chinese food in the heart of Chinatown

This  past winter after a late night showing of Casablanca at Rice University my friends Gem and Paul introduced our hungry group to the incredible Sinh Sinh Restaurant in Chinatown. Since then Sinh Sinh has been my go-to idea of great, authentic Chinese food. The prices are reasonable, the food is plentiful, and it’s always a fun experience and opportunity to try something new.

Our most recent trip to Sinh Sinh took place after my sisters and I met Gem, Paul and their cousin Mark at 429 on a Saturday night. 429 is an incredible service for college students and young adults held at Grace Church (Shepherd and 48th) Saturday nights at 8. It’s real, alive and it makes me happy. More on this later. We normally like to hang out and get something to eat after 429. Since we usually don’t get out until 10 pm we have to get a little creative with our food choices. This particular week we elected to go to Chinatown and eat at Sinh Sinh. Getting here was a little hairy as it involved following Paul as he barreled in and out of lanes, swerving at dangerously high speeds across multiple freeways and executing hair pin turns. Ok not so much the hair pin turns but the rest is pretty much Paul. After we pulled into the parking lot Paul gave my sister a high five for being able to “drive with him.” Apparently this is a big deal.

Walking into Sinh Sinh is a little like walking into a zoo, a zoo where you know you’re about to eat some delicious animals that may or may not have been walking/swimming/crawling around a few moments prior. Immediately on either side of you are big glass fish tanks full of prawns, lobsters, clams and super disgusting looking but probably amazing tasting fish. I am not kidding when I say disgusting looking fish. See below

I told you it wasn’t pretty.

We decided that the six of us would try family style dining, each of us ordering something different and passinig it around the table to share. This is one of my favorite ways to try new foods. You don’t like my Sweet and Sour Pork (first of all you’re crazy because it was awesome and I could have eaten the entire giant plate by myself. Seriously, don’t put it past me) try someone else’s Chicken and Scallops or Moo Goo Gai Pan.  Sharing food this way also creates more of a community feel as if we really were just one big incredibly hungry family. The servings are large enough that one plate could probably be split between two people with a little left over. All our entrees were served with white rice so we had plenty to go around.

Our server wasn’t super chatty but this may have been because of the language barrier. She was very friendly though and refilled our water glasses frequently. Call me crazy but I usually take this as a good sign in restaurants. The food comes out as it is finished so things may arrive at different times. Since we were all sharing this wasn’t that big of a deal. The prices are reasonable especially for the amount of delicious food that they give us. Overall I highly recommend going here. The food tastes great, it’s open late so you can stay until 2 or 3 in the morning and it’s a great place to try new things.

Sinh Sinh Restaurant

9788 Bellaire Blvd.

Houston, TX 77036

(713) 541-2888


Normally I will try to remember to actually take pictures of the outsides of places. Their website has some pics of the exterior just in case you’re dying to know what it looks like. On this trip however I didn’t even think about exterior shots as I was kind of distracted by the tanks of crazy looking fish. More beauties below:

This one kinda looks like a frog.Prawns!