Band of Horses: Infinite Arms

I’m kind of in love with these guys. Starbucks first introduced me to their single “On My Way Back Home.” Then I had a stroke of genius months later and actually downloaded the entire album before leaving for Cleveland as part of my roadtrip soundtrack.

I had one ill-fated fifth grade year of pretending to play the violin so take what I say with a grain of nonmusical salt. But from the perspective of a non music aficionado I love the smoothness and beauty of their music, some of their songs like “On My Way Back Home” and “Infinite Arm” sound like lullabys. The lyricism of their words and the way they blend with the music is also pretty impressive.

Their music doesn’t just remind me of home, it reminds me driving through endless dark fields on family summer road trips staring at the stars sliding past us into the night. Its the kind of music I want to turn on when I head to the kitchen to try baking pies . That’s probably the weirdest compliment they’ve ever gotten before now that I think about it. Mostly what I know is that when I need to chill or life starts to get to me I can turn on this album and try tuning out the chaos.

Their songs are a mix of chill and upbeat. I can space out to something like “Older” or “Evening Kitchen” or listen to something more upbeat like “Laredo” for some quirky baby don’t leave me music. If you’re looking for something beautiful with amazing lyrics check them out.