Matchy Matchy

This week I bought my first pair of rain boots. They’re from the school bookstore because I didn’t actually feel like making the effort to go any farther away than that to purchase rain boots. Laziness is a powerful motivator. Purple plaid isn’t really my style but desperate times call for desperate measures. Besides they keep my feet nice and dry which is kind of the point.

About an hour or two after I purchased my rain boots, purple plaid rain boots that I walked through the pouring down icy Arctic rain for, the sky decided to clear up and turn into a beautiful fall day. My new boots ended up on the floor waiting for the next rainstorm while my Minnetonka moccasins and I frolicked outside. Lucky for the boots rain has been forecast all week. Lucky for me I went ahead and bought them.

Today was my first actual day of wearing rain boots. I haven’t had any since I was a little kid and I’ve definitely never worn them around campus all day so it came as somewhat of a shock to me that these giant rubber things on my feet can be a little clunky to walk in especially if you have to go up a size to accommodate wearing jeans tucked into them. It was also rather surprising to find out that rubber shoes, when wet, are actually pretty slippery. Which would account for the biggest surprise of all when I rather gracefully managed to slide down the stairs between classes today landing on my butt and my elbow. This beauty is the result of that:

You’ll notice the unique weave pattern of the bruise. That’s from the fabric of my sweater making this officially one of the coolest bruises I’ve ever had. At this point it almost matches the boots.

~Have Coffee Will Travel